3000 daN with a claw hook

Lashing strap with width of 35mm, 1500 daN / 3000 daN

Technical description

  • Manufacturer: Falk Group s.r.o., Luční 19, 616 00 Brno
  • Type of the lashing means: lashing strap with width of 35 mm for securing loads on the platform of transport vehicles
  • Production number: 300035
  • Maximum allowable lashing forces:
    tensile force – 1500 daN
    in wrapping – 3000 daN
  • The components used: steel clamping buckle (ratchet) 35 mm, strength limit 3000 daN, Zn (yellow chromate) surface finish, imported from abroad end fittings (steel wire hooks) 35 mm, strength limit 2000 daN, Zn (yellow chromate) surface finish, imported from abroad textile belt 35 mm, 4500 daN (100% polyester), elongation under 7%, domestic production sewing thread Synton 10 (100% polyester, strength thread), imported from abroad label, blue PVC foil, domestic production
  • Technology of production:
    meets the international standard ČSN EN 12 195-2
    textile belts are cut using a “hot” knife
    lashing sets are sewn on sewing machines Brother
  • This product is identical to the type approved by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Czech Republic under the respective approval number.
Popruhy šířky 35 mm: 3000 daN s hrotovým hákem
Popruhy šířky 35 mm: 3000 daN s hrotovým hákem

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These straps are produced in one-piece and two-piece versions and serve for securing loads on platform-type lorries. Maximum allowable lashing tensile force is 1500 daN, or 3000 daN in wrapping. Strap material – 100% PES, strap width – 35.00 mm.


Falk Group s.r.o. will readily ensure your desired length of the straps with claw hooks listed in the brochure (download below). We also provide the strap printing with the customer’s logo, strap repairs and service.